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Beautiful designs by: Dresslily. See them first on my Blog page and for a better view or to buy. Tap the high-low-hooded-corset button and the Slimming Lapel Long Sleeves Men’s Peacoat


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What is innovation? There are a 101 solutions of innovation. I can think of one. Something phyical you can see or even touch. Innovation is a process of thinkers and doers who spend hours, days maybe months putting hundreds of ideas together to create something spectatcular which is being process on paper or computer graphics etc.
innovation-imperative-100694176-large.jpg Every product ever created made and prototyped as it becomes a real item a real product in use came from the inventor or inventors that has all stemmed from innovation, people who created those products or machines and more.  “INNOVATION” is a million year old word created by man before CHRIST. The world as we know it; Innovation is the oldest founder on this entire planet. Innovation started in the beginning with the creation of this planet and maybe even the universe.  Museums all over the world shows the lifes history and innovative works what humans have been doing for hundred of millions of years. Our “MIND BY DESIGN” exist in all of us. Innovation is growing and has become an important part of  everyone. Its business is to continue to evolve and make a better world for every human here.
Though  “INNOVATION” is old yet it continues to create new fresh ideas with new fresh minds born from past innovators. Innovation is not just a word it is life  that allows the new generation to evolve making a better world for the newer innovative minds of tomarrow.

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Innersitestar5 blog

cropped-innersite-design-copy23.jpg  I Call This Blog
Again a shout out to you the fine people of “WORDPRESS” city. Hello and I go by the name Tree. Short for Roundtree. I am a thinker of everything, from poetry, art to innovative thinking. We are all innovative thinkers. The brain is a super power conductor of thoughts like the universe. You don’t have to be a genius, you don’t have to know everything. Knowledge is born in you, you just have to put it in good use. Our thinking progress and development of thoughts come from you; your brain, your thoughts. The brain is your engine. It is the controller to every organ which moves you. everything you do daily am I right?1522952755114
I say my mind is everywhere. Why? Because I am always thinking. Even when I am sleep. I sketch out little ideas. I have written several of my own poem’s. I am always sketching out some kind of created ideal image. It never stops. That is why I say the mind is its own universe. Constantly pushing out thoughts. We all know this is a day-to-day process and that it’s the norm. I, like; myself know thinking is our life’s source creating a better world. It’s like a waterfall of thoughts. When a thought comes I just sketch it, write it out or do something about it. I am learning to express more of my inner thoughts even more as I get older. I look for more to do and sometime search for more input.
IMG_20161129_154346.jpg The mind’s eye is real toward the process of continuous thoughts. It is our thought perception that keep us moving everyday.  My blog is a new beginning for me to express my thoughts and it allows me to be heard by millions in our world. I to would like to see what your thoughts are about and what comes to mind, even your creative thinking would be good to hear about. So tell me a little what your thoughts are.  Being creative is a good thing for our world right now. ” LET’S HEAR WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”