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Again a shout out to you the fine people of “WORDPRESS” city. Hello and I go by the name Tree. Short for Roundtree. I am a thinker of everything, from poetry, art to innovative thinking. We are all innovative thinkers. The brain is a super power conductor of thoughts like the universe. You don’t have to be a genius, you don’t have to know everything. Knowledge is born in you, you just have to put it in good use. Our thinking progress and development of thoughts come from you; your brain, your thoughts. The brain is your engine. It is the controller to every organ which moves you. everything you do daily am I right?1522952755114
I say my mind is everywhere. Why? Because I am always thinking. Even when I am sleep. I sketch out little ideas. I have written several of my own poem’s. I am always sketching out some kind of created ideal image. It never stops. That is why I say the mind is its own universe. Constantly pushing out thoughts. We all know this is a day-to-day process and that it’s the norm. I, like; myself know thinking is our life’s source creating a better world. It’s like a waterfall of thoughts. When a thought comes I just sketch it, write it out or do something about it. I am learning to express more of my inner thoughts even more as I get older. I look for more to do and sometime search for more input.
IMG_20161129_154346.jpg The mind’s eye is real toward the process of continuous thoughts. It is our thought perception that keep us moving everyday. My blog is a new beginning for me to express my thoughts and it allows me to be heard by millions in our world. I to would like to see what your thoughts are about and what comes to mind, even your creative thinking would be good to hear about. So tell me a little what your thoughts are. Being creative is a good thing for our world right now. ” LET’S HEAR WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”